Can the east side of the FPL be designated as a temporary OLA without adding any additional infrastructure? How can we ensure appropriate levels of enforcement?

Unfortunately, a temporary OLA is not possible in this location. There are two reasons for this: new, unfenced OLAs are no longer supported by the City because of negative impacts on other park users. In addition, the meadow on the east side of the FPL is a fundamental part of its design and operation. Currently, the meadow is experiencing stress under its current use, and there is concern that more frequent and concentrated use will further degrade the meadow, despite enhanced maintenance efforts from City staff. This will lead to overly compacted bare earth and muddy areas in spring and fall, which will promote erosion and compromise the integrity of the FPL.

Because the bylaw prohibiting dogs off-leash in the park remains in effect, bylaw enforcement does also. This includes proactive monitoring of the park, as well as complaints-based enforcement.

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