George St One Way Issues

Nick Culverwell
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A few years ago, the section of George St between Gerrard and Dundas was opened to two-way traffic. Previously, the traffic had been restricted to one-way northbound. The section of George between Dundas and Shuter remains one-way northbound. Residents are noticing an increase in the number of vehicles that drive the wrong way down George south of Dundas. This behaviour is of particular concern because the east side of this section of George is used for pick-up and drop-off of children attending the Ecole Gabrielle-Roy elementary school. Traffic Services have agreed to look at the placement and visibility of the Do-No-Enter and One-Way signage intended to stop vehicles from driving the wrong way down George. One potential change that has been identified requires the assistance of the Councillor's Office as it involves a change to the by-law. When the upper portion of George was made two-way, No-Left-Turn signs were installed on both sides of Dundas facing southbound drivers. This may be a source of confusion for drivers since in reality their only legal option is to turn right onto Dundas. The suggestion is to replace the No-Left-Turn signs with No-Left-Turn-or-Through signs (see sample attached). It is hoped that combining the efforts of Traffic Services to improve the existing signage with this change to the signage facing southbound vehicles may reduce or eliminate this dangerous traffic situation.

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