The City is planning improvements to Market Lane Park and will be collecting feedback from the local community, stakeholders, and Indigenous communities to ensure the new park design meets the needs of the community.

This project involves redesigning the entirety of Market Lane Park, adjacent to the St. Lawrence Hall and future North St. Lawrence Market building that is currently under construction. This work is intended to follow the North St. Lawrence Market work.

Market Lane Park is located at 149 King St. E, adjacent to the new North St. Lawrence Market building (currently under construction) in the St. Lawrence Market neighbourhood. The park is part of a network of public spaces being improved in the growing St. Lawrence Market community which has a deep cultural history and is in an area with archeological significance.

The goal of the project is to design and implement park improvements that achieve design excellence, quality of place-making, and attention to detail while enhancing the heritage neighbourhood character through sustainable design the meets the needs of the community. The park design will address the following key elements:

  • Indigenous place-making/place-keeping
  • New seating and gathering areas
  • Preservation of existing trees
  • Reimaging the existing fountains with a new water feature
  • Upgraded lighting and site lines to improve safety
  • Improved accessibility
  • Integrating the existing public art feature ‘Return of the Magri-Stechhi’
  • Flexible programmable space directly connected to the new North St. Lawrence Market
  • Pedestrian connectivity from King Street to Front Street

The project team will be engaging the local community, community groups, stakeholders and Indigenous communities throughout the design process.

The park is also an archaeological site based on prior archaeological assessments done on both the park and more recently on the North Market. The City is in the process of procuring an Archaeologist to conduct a Stage 2 assessment and recommend an approach during park demolition and construction, working closely with Heritage Planning. This may impact the construction schedule to monitor and record the site.

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