Privacy Policy

This website has been established and is managed by Councillor Wong-Tam’s Office.

Councillor Wong-Tam’s Office is especially concerned with preserving the confidentiality of personal information. For this reason, security measures governing the conduct of the activities on Toronto Centre Projects (herein referred to as “the platform”) have been implemented to ensure the confidentiality of the personal information collected through the website’s functions.

This privacy policy seeks to inform you of the practices adopted with respect to personal information transmitted by means of this website.


Cookies are used during participation in the platform. They are small text files that are downloaded to the user’s hard drive when certain Web pages are consulted. They do not collect personal information on the user. This platform uses cookies to allow secure access and to assemble certain statistics on the use of the website.

You can, at any time, configure your browser to block cookies. However, doing so risks depriving you of certain functions offered on the platform.

If you use a computer in a public place or share a computer with other people, be sure to erase the browsing history before ending each session.

Information transmitted through the platform

When you participate in public consultations through this platform, you must provide your first and last name, nickname, e-mail address, and postal code (used to verify your neighbourhood and that you live in Toronto Centre). You can then write your proposals and comments in the fields provided for this purpose, participate in votes, and answer questionnaires, where applicable. Among the information provided at the time of registration, only your first and last names or your nickname will be communicated on the platform. Your email address, postal code, or neighbourhood will never be made public.

No additional personal information must be included in the proposals or comments that you transmit through the platform. If you decide to voluntarily transmit additional personal or other confidential information through the platform, you acknowledge that their protection, integrity, and confidentiality are not assured.

Councillor Wong-Tam’s Office has the right to reproduce and disseminate all the comments, contributions and proposals published or transmitted on the platform. The information thus disseminated will not include identification information, that is, the first and last names, postal code, and contact information of the individual who formulated such information.


Councillor Wong-Tam’s Office has implemented security measures to properly protect personal and confidential information. What is more, you are responsible for the personal information that you transmit through the website and for keeping your password confidential. Councillor Wong-Tam and Councillor Wong-Tam’s Office cannot be held liable for unauthorized use of the data, which is beyond its control.

External links

The platform contains hyperlinks to other websites. When you follow such hyperlinks, you leave the platform. The information that you communicate at that time is no longer subject to this privacy policy but to the policy of the website visited. Furthermore, the platform can contain links to other servers that Councillor Wong-Tam’s Office does not host. The links can be servers hosted by government partners. We, therefore, invite you to become acquainted with the privacy policy applicable to the websites that you visit, where appropriate.