Re-imagining Wood St. East of Church.

Ian Kirkland
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Wood Street goes from Yonge street to Mutual street. The fist block from YUonge to Church is a very busy street with access to hotel and condo parking plus the essential access for Loblaws. The stub block from Church to Mutual ONly leads to a one way street (Mutual) and the lane between Axis and the Rentals on Mutual is almost redundant. Residents of Axis and the rentals on Carlton and Mutual can be accessed from Mutual Street. The north side of Wood is a school playground and a popular restaurant. The stub of Wood is mostly no parking.

It would make a wonderful enhancement to this dense neighbourhood to turn the space into space for people. Close the street at Church, leaving room for cars dropping people and goods off. Close the east end at the lane (if necessary). Make the space into a larger terrace/patio for the restaurant and a public space. It would only take some planters and potted trees and benches to make this a welcoming space. At least it would be worth trying this year with open streets.

I have included a drawing.

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