Shuter Street Safety Improvements (Parliament to River)

Zaheed Alli
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The recently reconstructed Shuter Street and its new cycle track between Parliament and River function as a gateway for both the Regent Park and Corktown communities.

However, recent vehicular accidents, near-misses at pedestrian crosswalks, and consistent speeding concerns warrant revisiting safety measures along Shuter Street.

This petition is calling for the LOWERING OF SPEED LIMITS TO 30 km/h along Shuter Street between Parliament and River Streets, the INSTALLATION OF 4-WAY STOP SIGNS at the intersection of Shuter/Sackville and Shuter/Sumach, and the IMPROVEMENT OF CROSS TIME on the signal lights at Parliament Street. 

For context, Shuter Street runs parallel to Queen Street and Dundas Street. However, unlike either of these, Shuter street has NO traffic lights or stop signs between Parliament and River, despite have 7 intersections in this segment.

Shuter Street in this stretch is also home to the Regent Park Community Centre, the Nelson Mandela Park Public School, The Sumach retirement residence, the Regent Park Athletic Grounds, and the future Kinder College Child Care Centre. Families, children, and individuals using these amazing community services deserve to feel safe using Shuter Street as they come and go. 

The pedestrian crosswalks located at Sackville and Sumach remain a concern with poor visibility by day, and the signal lights at Parliament have a very short crossing time.

By identifying these key issues and putting forward realistic and achievable actions, we can make Shuter Street a safer place to enjoy. Thank you for your support!

Official response

Councillor Wongtam
Councillor Wongtam

This proposal has reached the required threshold of support. Councillor Wong-Tam has reviewed the proposal and has submitted 4 motions to the next Toronto & East York Community Council meeting to:

  1. reduce the speed limit of Shuter Street from the current 40km/h to 30km/h;
  2. request a staff report on adding Traffic Control Signals at Shuter Street at Sumach Street;
  3. request a staff report on adding Traffic Control Signals at Shuter Street at Sackville Street; and
  4. to improve the pedestrian cross-time at Shuter Street at Parliament Street.

November 24, 2021 Update: Today the Toronto & East York Community Council adopted Councillor Wong-Tam's motions above. Check back here for implementation updates.

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    Councillor Wongtam
    Councillor Wongtam
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