Terms of Use

Created by Councillor Wong-Tam’s Office, Toronto Centre Projects gives residents of Toronto Centre the opportunity to think about the future of our neighbourhoods. Each contribution is subject to rules that keep the discussion open and constructive. Below you can find the general conditions of our platform. Clear rules provide the best guarantee for a constructive online community.

Please carefully read the terms of use of Councillor Wong-Tam’s online public engagement portal, Toronto Centre Projects. By using this service, you agree to abide by the terms of use, which can be modified without notice at any time. You must review them regularly. 

The users of Toronto Centre Projects (herein referred to as “the platform”) undertake to comply with the rules stipulated in the Netiquette section. Councillor Wong-Tam’s Office reserves the right to withdraw without further warning any content that does not satisfy such rules of use.

Each account must be unique and linked to an individual. Every user has the right to create one account. If it is determined that one person has multiple accounts, Councillor Wong-Tam’s Office reserves the right to delete all these accounts. Every user must have reached at least the age of 16 years. An account cannot be transferred to another person.

The platform is intended to increase participation. An account can therefore only be used in that sense. Any use of the account for the sole purpose of enjoying a commercial advantage is prohibited.

It is prohibited to use automatic systems, robots, or any other similar method such as devices, software, or automated requests to use the platform or collect or make use of the data found there. It is also prohibited to adopt measures that would unreasonably or excessively constrain the website’s infrastructure or that would be likely to adversely affect or to attempt to do so, the platform’s security or accessibility, for example, interference, computer viruses, overloading, attempted takeover, breach of security, or authentication measures.

Any fraudulent use of personal information can constitute a criminal offence. A complaint will be lodged with the police against any individual who uses the platform to commit or to attempt to commit fraud.

The content of the platform is the property of Councillor Wong-Tam's Office, which holds the copyright on it. It is prohibited to copy, distribute, disseminate, modify, reproduce, and publish the contents of this website in any way whatsoever without the prior authorization of Councillor Wong-Tam’s Office. It is also prohibited to use any trademark that appears on the website without the written authorization of Councillor Wong-Tam’s Office. 

Councillor Wong-Tam’s Office has implemented security measures to properly protect personal and confidential information. What is more, you are responsible for the personal information that you transmit through the website and for keeping your password confidential. Councillor Wong-Tam and Councillor Wong-Tam’s Office cannot be held liable for unauthorized use of the data, which is beyond its control.

Councillor Wong-Tam’s Office is concerned with protecting your privacy and personal and confidential information that is collected when you use the platform. It is your responsibility to consult the privacy policy to ascertain Councillor Wong-Tam’s Office practices in this respect and the limitation of such protection, where appropriate.

Councillor Wong-Tam’s Office will never ask its users for personal data such as a login or password via e-mail. If personal data is requested, the user will always be redirected to the platform.

By registering to participate on the platform, you consent to receive email updates from Councillor Wong-Tam unless you unsubscribe or have previously unsubscribed.

Councillor Wong-Tam’s Office has the right to reproduce and disseminate all the comments, contributions and proposals published or transmitted on the participation platform. The information thus disseminated will not include identification information, that is, the first and last names, email, or any other personally identifiable information of the individual who formulated such information.

Councillor Wong-Tam’s Office cannot be held liable for losses or damage that you might sustain because of situations that are beyond its control.

Councillor Wong-Tam’s Office can interrupt or terminate access to part or all the platform without giving prior notice to this effect.

Access to and the use of the platform are governed by applicable laws in Toronto, Ontario. Any litigation pertaining to the use of the website will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of Ontario courts.