What was the assessment process for selecting a location?

The first stage of location assessment was the development of a matrix to compare each site's inherent ability to host an OLA. The matrix is a high-level inventory of each site and an assessment of criteria that PFR would apply to determine the feasibility of introducing an OLA in a candidate site. Examples of criteria are:

  1. Compliance with standards developed for OLAs through City policy, e.g., size, proximity to residences
  2. Location within a community and ease of access
  3. Existing infrastructure in place to support an OLA
  4. Pedestrian and dog safety with respect to traffic, and surveillance.

The matrix provides a high-level assessment of the potential of each site to host an OLA, but a more detailed review of the impacts, both positive and negative, of introducing an OLA on each existing park site was also required. This detailed review and assessment led to the City's recommendation of Underpass Park West as the best fit for an OLA.

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